Declutter with style

The biggest issue that New Yorker's live with is the limited storage space in their apartments.  The constant clutter of “stuff” does not help when trying to live an organized life! But guess what...there are different easy ways to hide and store these items.  From book shelves to dressers, to benches and side tables please see below for many other alternative storage ideas!! 

First you need to know where to go.  The key stores to go to are Ikea, Target, Walmart, and the Container Store can be your best friend when you need to organize and store your stuff (and the price doesn’t hurt!) 

Pieces you can use are: 




Organize your dresser or console table like a pro. Dressers are the best storage cabinets for bedrooms. Consoles can hide all those pesky living room wires and items needed for entertainment centers. They come in all colors and sizes for any type and style of rooms. 

You can incorporate my favorite the drawers organizers and dividers when organizing your dresser. Drawer dividers can be incorporated into your custom closet design, or you can buy organizers made of plastic, wood or metal. Many models adjust to fit different drawer sizes. Forget about scrambling through your socks, the dividers and organizers keep you tip toe ready to go.



Wardrobes like many may know aren’t just meant to take you to the world of Narnia but another way of organizing your bedroom. Thed advantage of a wardrobe is that you can hang your clothes rather than fold it (avoiding those wrinkles!!)  In wardrobes you can also add extra storage with a closet hanging organizer and some even come with shelves. 


Under Bed Storage-

Storing items under your bed in bedroom storage containers are another way to organize your apartment. Most of us don’t realize that you can use the space underneath your bed as a storage compartment. Ikea and other stores sell the under-bed storage boxes, you can store your winter clothes for the season while you keep your summer clothes in your closet easy to reach!  



Storage benches are a dual usage piece that can help with storage as well! They offer an alternative to storage compartment that hides your stuff and they also offer additional seating! It can also be used in your bedroom at the end of you bed or as a set up by your window. 




Floating Shelves-


Are books cluttered all over the place and don’t know where to put them? Aside from a nice book bookcase you can install floating wall shelves.  This can free up floor space while also allowing so much extra storage!  




Black Tracy Nightstand  Share

Black Tracy Nightstand


Side Tables/ Nightstands - 

Expect more from your nightstand.  Choose a bedside table that can do more than hold a lamp and your phone. Cabinets and shelves keep books, magazines, and e-tablet within arm’s reach from you bed. 





Side tables also offer additional storage. You can place items on top while also tucking away pieces you do not want on display inside the drawers! 


Happy Organizing!!