From The Runway To Interior Design, Velvet’s Are In

Velvet was seen as a one of the hottest trends for the New York Fashion Week 2017, and that translated into trends in home interior designs.

As a late 60’s early 70’s style, the luminous and luxurious fabric has come back in 2018 in a TON of different shades, shapes, and, colors.

“The thing that I love about velvet is that I can put a little tiny piece on a pillow or I can cover entire walls with it, and it will always look rich and cozy,” said interior designer Miles Redd. 

But the real question is how do we style with velvet in our homes?



pillows #2.jpg

If you’re not a fan of incorporating a lot of velvet, but still want to use the material, you can always style with a few colorful velvet pillows. Pillows are key to filling in living room or and bedroom. The fabric is a universal material that works with majority of others. The fabric blend of a linen sofa accented with the texture of a velvet pillow is a great balance. 

“I think there needs to be a mixture of fabrics and textures in a room,” Redd says.


Furniture : 

You can take it a step further by using velvet furniture. It might seem like a big commitment when using a velvet on your furniture, but the textile works well no matter what silhouette you’re dealing with.

Ever seen velvet dining chair? Well, we have Grey Mid-Century Accent Chair that we designed in our Soho project. Velvet is very versatile in a dining room, because it can be treated to resist staining and looks good whether you want a more formal traditional wood-leg chair or something funkier with brass or metal legs.

Velvet headboards are another furniture piece that make a statement in the bedroom. According to StoneGable upholstered headboards were among the hottest décor trends in 2017, and this trend still follows through 2018.