Tips To Hide Your Home's Flaws

We sometimes accidentally make holes and dents in a wall or scratch the floors moving furniture and then struggle trying to hide these “flaws". Here are some tips to hide the imperfections in your home:


 1. Create A Wall Collage: 

A wall collage is a magical way to misdirect or hide those ugly holes and dents on the wall. You can use family picture's and artistic frame to create a stylish collage.

2. Hang Art On A Swing Arm:


Have an electrical box you want to cover? Hanging art is key to avoid repainting or adding plaster to the wall. Try hanging an art piece on a swing arm, or hang it from a standard hanger and nudge it out of the way when you need to get at whatever is behind.

3. Chalk Board Paint: 


Sometimes walls can be seriously damaged or dented and the common solution is painting over with a typical white or beige eggshell paint which actually won’t help much. The glossier the paint, the more it will highlight imperfections. But there is a new solution: matte chalkboard paint. The non-glossy texture hides the flaws and why not make your home more fun with the ability to write messages on the wall? It is perfect for kids to draw and write on a wall without the mess of cleaning after or a handy way to leave messages to other members of your house! 

5. Rugs:

large-white-rug-cheap-round-rugs-living-room-rugs-cork-cheap-large-rugs-uk-best-deals-on-area-rugs (1).jpg

Floors can be expensive and tiring to repair and replace. Rugs are a great way to hide those scratches and out dated flooring. Although not the most cost-efficient, carpet tiles are a more flexible solution over area rugs. You can buy as many as you want and have the ability to cover every inch of the unwanted floors without causing damage to your home flooring.