Simple Decorations For A Living Room Space


Many of you may not be certified interior designers, but would like to give a room in your home a bit more life. Well, I am here to give you a few simple decorations that can liven up that plain room.

Books and magazines:

Many of us have piles of books and magazines, and good news is they don’t have to go to waste. Here are some simple ways you can use them to decorate your rooms:



· A library of your favorite books, or a couple of magazines on a coffee table or night stand are a key to décor while keeping your periodicals organized.

·  Installing floating shelves is another way to organize your books and add some flare to a room.


·  Bookends can be placed alongside shelves to hold books. According to a New York Times article, Brooklyn-based interior designer Billy Cotton says, “You have to look at bookend as you would a small object or sculpture.” Don’t have a Michelangelo sculpture handy? No problem! Bookends will do the job! Isn’t that interesting? 

Art work, Mirrors and Frames:

Remember that old art you have stored away? Did you find a piece of art at a thrift shop or garage sale, but don’t know where to put it? It’s time to make use of them! But how….?



·   In the living room, art is typically placed above a sofa, filling in a main wall space. Whether it’s a vintage piece, or an eccentric painting, art gives a personal touch to your room.


·   Framing old family pictures is another creative opportunity to add some dimension and style to your place.  Not only is it a great way to show those baby pictures, or those memories from your favorite vacation, it also can pull a whole room together! 

· They say mirrors are a reflection of the soul. Well, they are also a decorative piece, like our Tork wall mirror.

· Here’s a little known life hack: Placing a mirror opposite of a window will allow the light to bounce around the room, making the space feel brighter. The bigger the mirror, the better.

Artificial Plants:

Having plants indoors can be a hassle to maintain, but there is another way to add a touch of green into a room without the work: artificial plants. Any sort of greenery makes even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter.


·  A nice 6-foot ficus artificial tree in the corner of a room is a simple way to fill in the edges.

· A little aloe plant, or even a vase with artificial flowers as a centerpiece for a table, is another simple way to decorate.