The speciality within interior design is you can create your own design or base it on a style. The girls at Staged picked our three favorite interior styles….



We will start off with the Scandinavian style.   Designed with minimalist decor and functional furnishings with a lot of whites, hints of black, wood tones and then a few pops of color to keep things looking “happy" and a adding a touch of eccentricity.  The natural materials, pale colors, and minimalist shape the open interiors to uplift the natural lighting of the sun. 

Fun Fact: According to the Washington post, the modern style originated in the Nordic region ( Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) in the 1950’s.



Many of us like to live in the present and look towards the future, so why not give that feel in  your home with a contemporary design. The style reflects “living in the moment”. 

Contemporary style is set up on ranges of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century.  It incorporates furniture pieces that are simple, uncluttered, without curves or decoration. Decoration are solid colors and dark printed art is used. Plants and flowers are a good add-on to add color to the design. 



Blast from the past; Seventies style. The Staged team enjoys the groovy, earthy, and peaceful vibe that the seventies expressed. Whether they were a flower girl or a hippie spreading peace and love through music and art, these colors bursted through the interior of homes . As Tom Wolfe categorized as “the me decade” describing the time period when humanity was losing hope during the Vietnam war and  only turned on the survival and protection of their families. 

The seventies interior design use a mix with nature-inspired furniture with bright technicolor splashes as patterns and fur shag, felt, and faux  textures on rugs, throw-on blanket, and pillows make up the seventies style.  It’s a more fun and playful style, embracing the funky and the groovy.