At Staged, we pride ourselves on inventive designs and exclusive customer service. We are able to do so because of our incredibly talented staff. Our team consists of three hardworking women: Vanessa, Caroline, and Claire. The three girls are an impeccable trio. They do amazing work, both individually and as a team, to keep ideas flowing and our clientele list growing! 

Vanessa is the reining President of this wonderful business for an impressive eight years. With Vanessa's driven attitude and spunky personality there is never a dull moment in our office. Recently Vanessa has been focusing on our sister company, Rentquest. Rentquest is a high end furniture rental company specializing in custom build pieces for any event! Keeping everyone on track, while making sure we have fun at the same time, Vanessa gladly puts her blood, sweat, and tears into Rentquest and Staged and it shows. 

Caroline joined the Staged team as director of sales in July of 2015. As a recent graduate from Arizona State University, Caroline started working for Rentquest back in November 2014. Having booked a multiple events for Rentquest, it was decided that Caroline had the skills needed to run Staged's sales team! Caroline's keen eye for design and detail truly reassures client that everything will go smoothly!

Last but not least, Claire has been with the Staged family since July 2015 as well. While studying Fashion Merchandising in the big apple, she added the title of Staged's Marketing Specialist to her resume and has loved it ever since. Claire's creative mind has brought light to many of Staged marketing tactics and we are very grateful. 

The three girls are the glue of Staged. Our company is built from their dedication, passion, and knowledge for the design industry - not to mention running around New York City for on-site staging jobs to spending late nights in our Soho office. Together, they work as a team to form an innovative company that leave highly satisfied clients coming back for more!



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