Fall is here and its bringing lots of new opportunities to stage beautifully. When you think fall you think about the sequence of holidays that are to come and are associated with fall. Holidays that signify family, home and warmth. If you could bottle those things up and spread them throughout the apartment you’d be set! Since that’s not possible staged will show you the way! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about fall staging!

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I know for fall we usually want to play it safe with colors but understanding that fall doesn’t always mean muted colors is key. Its about playing around with color, weather it be dark or bright, mixing and matching is very allowed. Like staging the bedroom for instance. Adding a colorful personal touch can incline a potential client to visually see how they can possibly make the room their own which can make the difference when closing the deal.

Dark wood always has a fall aesthetic to it. The contrast with the wood and clean white background of a room screams home and can be very eye catching for a potential client.

hart st.jpg

Experimenting with color can also be fall-esque as I stated. Also keeping in mind different textures that also represent the colder months like velvet couches and fluffy carpets or really thick and warm throws for your bed or couches. Fabrics play a big part in how a room feels and you can use that feeling to your advantage when you know how you’d like your client to view the space. The color will grab your attention which is essential to making the sale. Having the eye catching colors and adding the rustic woodsy touches can also appeal to the masses which will multiply the appeal of the place. As we transition into the colder months making it feel like home is what its all about since we all become hermits when it gets a little chilly. Lets not forget if you need help, staged has got you covered!

Office Staging Fundamentals


Hate to break it to you but Summer is over! If you couldn’t tell by the sudden cold winds in the mornings we are here to break the news to you. For some of you who took vacations or for those who don’t work in the summer this means jumping back into work mode feet first! Lets talk about one of the most important things that can help motivate you when getting work done as well as mentally clear your mind for the workload. Your work space not only says a lot about you but it can also do a lot for you. Knowing how to stage an office to appeal the general public and also quench the imagination of what the office could become with a clients personal touch can make for a successful apartment viewing. Lets take a look at this from two perspectives. The Buyer and The Seller. Staged has got you covered from all angles.


Having an office space that’s free of clutter and too much decor can calm the mind when working. too much decor, although nicely done, can make the space look smaller which can cause a feeling of confinement. Sometimes all you need is a desk with your laptop on it and filing cabinets. The simpler the better. A well lit area is important when there isn’t any natural lighting so adding two decorative yet functional lamps can keep the simple theme while adding a touch of personality depending on the color and print of the lamp. A funky chair with a unique shape can also stay on trend in a simplistic way.


Home Vibes


It’s great to have a work office that doesn’t make you feel completely remote in it. By adding things in your office that has a home feel to it your perspective on work can change dramatically so keeping that in mind when staging can help really sell to a potential client visually. A sense of comfort is what we all feel when we familiarize something with a good memory from home. Continuing the clean trend but adding a few touches of home can definitely be done. Dark wood always adds a home vibe to a room. A nice rug and couch can also add to the warmth. The more spacious your space is the more you can play around with how much to add.


It’s all about preference and peace of mind when in your workplace. when staging whats most important is that the client feels he or she sees the vision and can add the touches needed to make it the perfect office. I did say staged has you covered right? *Drops Mic*

Kitchen and Bathroom Staging

Today’s blog, we’re discussing the two most important rooms in the house. The Kitchen and the Bathroom.

 It’s just natural for family and guests to crowd around or hover in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home. Annnnd obviously, the bathroom is a room most frequently visited multiple times of the day. So why wouldn’t you consider staging these spaces? These rooms are just as important as the rest of the house. And it’s a seriously simple place that even the most uncreative  can do.


 It all starts with a simple cleaning and decluttering session; Removing everything off the counters and wiping down the surface. Get rid of the dust, grime, and grease splatters on the stove, counters and backsplash. Don’t forget to declutter! Yes, we’re talking about the toaster oven, standing mixer, blender, coffee maker and other small appliances. This is about making  your kitchen look attractive, clean and bigger with more counter space. We suggest maybe leaving ONE smaller appliance on the counter for show. But make sure its clean and not too bulky. Also, find the best place to store away any type of food packages or unnecessary items that may be an eye sore for a potential buyer. 

  Sometimes there are items in your cabinets that doesn’t need to be there either. You don’t need that big bulky bag of sugar or flour to take up any valuable space for groceries. Find cute little jars or canisters and fill those babies up. Those you can leave on the counter! However make sure that they are food-grade containers (plastic or preferably glass) with a tight sealing lid. This will keep your flour or sugar from absorbing moisture and ensure that insects and other pests can’t get into it. This looks clean, attractive looking and honestly makes you look like you have your domestic abilities down pact (even if you can’t bake boxed cake).

 Another staging decorative favorite is cookbooks! Not only are cookbooks still the best ways  to learn about cooking and new recipes, but they look super attractive on a kitchen counter. We suggest less than 5 cookbooks. Stack these vertically. You could place them near the side of a cabinet, fridge, in a small basket, a cute little bookend to keep them standing or even place one in a cookbook stand.

 You may want to stage the interiors too while your doing this cleaning and decluttering session. Potential buyers love to go through things like opening up the fridge, drawers and the pantry to take a sneak peak at the storage space. This can just be as simple as throwing out old sauces and stale bags of food. Also try to keep your dishes and cups to a minimum. Lighten it up! Overstuffed stacks of plates and bowls create negative space and you want to keep an airy appearance. You don’t need to keep the hundreds of plastic cups you get from amusement parks and baseball games. One last thing about the interiors….We don’t care how big or small your kitchen is….Baskets and containers will fit and store everything you need in a clean, functional way.


Two other favorite kitchen staging tips of ours is cutting boards and faux (or real) fruit. Theres just something about a bowl of bright green or yellow limes and lemons on a counter that people just find homey and inviting.


And last but not least, decorating the table with a beautiful table setting and napkins really is the icing on top of the cake. It’s not a staging necessity, but it really does help.

And now for the bathroom. The bathroom is the simplest place to stage. Its small and only needs a couple of accessories to make a big impact.  

 Of course we suggest getting that space sparking clean from grime and such before we place our decorative items. Hide the toothbrushes and toiletries in the cabinet and drawer. Nobody wants to see your brush with dangling hair on the vanity. Also keep your shampoo bottles in the shower to a minimum as well.

 White fluffy towels, a  pretty soap dispenser and maybe a little plant is all you need. 

if there’s hooks, Hang a towel. If theres shelf space, roll the towel up. Place a little succulent nearby and add a little cute soap dispenser by the sink. If you have a larger bathroom with a lot of counter space, use those glass jars we talked about before! add cotton balls, soaps, and anything else that needs a place to store small bath items.


Our favorite places to shop and at a great price is at a local Homegoods store. They have such great eclectic section of bathroom goodies that you could pull and piece together.

tell us your favorite way to stage and spruce up these two spaces!

The Entryway

First impressions matter. And as a buyer, they definitely matter when you first walk into a brand new space. And hey, guess what? it’s also the last thing they see when they walk out. The entryway is often a space that gets overlooked, but at Staged, we are here to help give you some tips and tricks to make that first and last impression the best.

  1. Start from scratch.

Clear out everything. Take away all those shoes, coats, nicknacks or anything else that might be hanging on the walls. You will want to start from scratch and have a blank space to create your vision.

2.   Expectations

After you’ve decluttered and moved aside everything blocking your new entryway vision in this brand new space, think about your expectations. The two most important objectives in creating a new space is that it is: 

Aesthetically pleasing

 The entryway is your chance to set the expectations in your home. Is your entryway small or large? is there a closet right when you open the door or is it big enough to invite somebody in without being cramped. Find the space where you want to welcome your guests. Do you want your guests to take off their shoes? Allow space for them to do just that. Set aside an area for your guests to store their shoes and if you have room, put a bench or armchair in the entryway so they can sit and untie their shoes if they need to. 


Too many shoes? Store your shoes you don’t wear
everyday in a storage solution such as bins or
shelves in your bedroom closet. Our favorite places to purchase these solutions are Target, The Container store, and Amazon.

The Container Store


Too many Coats? Purchase vacuum bags for coats and store it in a storage closet. They are airtight and reusable to keep your items protected, while saving up tons of valuable space!
These vacuum bags are a lifesaver, especially if you’re a in a urban jungle like NYC and don’t have the

space to keep all your fashionable winter and summer clothes out all year round.

Other options for clothing storage could be as simple as breathable storage cases or plastic bins.

Bed Bath and Beyond
Home Depot

3. Design

 Theres a ton of different design options you can choose from. Here are some entryway designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

A simple bench is the perfect piece to create a functional entryway. It gives your guests the opportunity to take their shoes off. And it’s easy to make an entry like this beautiful by adding some greenery, wall decor, and throw pillows.

These types of coat racks are a great way to create a functional entryway. It gives you plenty of hooks, seating, and storage all in one. And by adding the baskets, you can throw anything in there and your entryway will still look beautiful.

Console tables are often under utilized in the entryway. The key to making a table like this functional is to take advantage of the storage by adding baskets and hanging a good size mirror over it. You can even put a decorative tray on it to give you guests a place to put their keys.

We hope you got some good ideas and inspiration for your entryway transformation. Remember, Functionality is all about how you want your space to be used.  And, keep in mind how you use the space and how you want your guests to use it as well.

Tell us your favorite way to decorate the entryway or send us photos of your transformed entry space!

The Staged Edit


 Preparing for a huge change like selling your home may be overwhelming. The list of things to do can make your head spin and it’s a known fact that moving is one of the top five stressors in life.
At Staged, we know that there are a variety of things that are out of your control when selling your home, including market conditions, location, price bracket etc… – but the one thing that is totally within your control and that you can really do something about, is the look and feel of your home (inside and out).

  In this post, we want to explore the reasons why its really worth spending time on your home before you leave it, and what a good edit can achieve – both for you and for your potential buyers!

 At Staged, we deliver high end furniture to our clients while vamping the appeal of their home to help assist in getting the maximum sale price. Adding beautiful pieces of furniture really helps a buyer view the property as a welcoming space and a space they want to purchase.


Full Stage

Photo Jun 05, 11 00 21 AM.jpg


Full Stage

 We also understand that sometimes your budget doesn’t allow doing a full stage. On the stressful list of things to do while preparing your home for a sale you also need to think of where to store your own furniture, how to declutter, keeping your home ready for open houses and appointments and more. This is where Staged can help!





 At Staged, we have seen first hand how changes to decor, layout, room usage, clutter etc… can all make dramatic differences to whether a home stands out from the crowd or lingers on the internet. But people are reluctant to spend any time, money and energy on a home they are about to leave.

However, as hard as it is, you must step outside of the box and try to view your place in someone else eyes. Think about the added expenses of living in it for that time, maintaining it, and the possible reduction in asking price to get that sale. And to think – for a smaller budget you could have saved yourself the hassle. And well, the reality is that the moment you commit to marketing your home for sale, you need to commit to transforming your home into a place that potential buyers can easily picture as their home. This means that you need to be prepared to emotionally detach.





 At Staged we know the best ways to brighten up your space and declutter, giving the buyers a more appealing outlook on your property. We can help guide our clients in the right direction and editing your home can consist of keeping many pieces of your own furniture. Here at Staged, we may bring in some new decorative pieces such as throw pillows, artwork, and flowers or we can totally re-organize the rooms in your home.

We can spice it up with a number of products we have or we can freshen up your space with your own items. Either way….

Let Staged help you! inquire about full staging or an edit and we will guide you in the right direction every step of the way.

Hot Summer Trends 2019

It’s a hot summer and sometimes when you’re working and living in a urban jungle like New York City, it can be difficult to make those little getaways. It’s especially hard if you didn’t plan a little vacay ahead of time.

But, Who said a you can’t have a staycation?!

Luckily, here at Staged, we are giving you a some advice to transform your home into the hottest summer house on the block. With these design trends, the whole neighborhood is going to come knocking on your door.

1. Add a Splash of Color

A vibrant splash of color is an easy, yet super effective way of bringing the feel and joy of summer into your home. This season, summer home decor is all about bright, saturated colors and you can achieve a summery decor look without having to spend serious amounts of time and money.

It could be a new set of bold, patterned throw cushions to liven up your chairs and sofas, a brighter area rug to make a change from the usual neutrals, or a new piece of artwork on the wall. However you choose to add a splash of color to your summer home decor trends in 2019, be sure make sure it’s bright and cheerful!

2. Infuse Animal prints

A little zebra or cheetah print goes a long way. Channel an African safari and add a few animal print details throughout your home this summer. Some people shy away from this wild design, but as long as you keep it simple with a detailed rug or a fancy throw, you can incorporate it in a myriad of decor styles.

3. embrace your curves

Step aside, straight lines; in 2019, and it’s all about embracing your curves. 

Ditch the boxy furniture for hip pieces with rounded edges. Don’t get us wrong: We love furniture and accessories of all shapes. However, curvy pieces energize a room in a way their square counterparts can’t. And when draped in cheery colors or plush fabrics? Even better.


Have a Fiesta!

We know the Pantone palette is the holy grail of newsworthy trending colors. This year, A festive orange red, Fiesta radiates energy, passion and excitement. Which, lets be honest, is the feeling you want all summer long.

5. Fun Geometrics

Trendy geometric patterns have taken off like wildfire in the interior design world this year. This style is appearing in carpets, wallpapers, fabrics and even small items you can swap in and out like this gold side table. Geometric patterns are a strong summer interior design style.

Tell us some of your favorite summer design trends!

Introducing Pops of Color to your space!

Neutral spaces are beautiful. They can be luxurious,
timeless and safe. To be honest, We don’t think neutral
spaces will ever really be a disappearing trend. However, it’s
incredible how infusing just a little bit of color can create such
a eye-popping “wow” factor into a space.
There are so many places in your home that you can add
pops of color. The living room, the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms,
hallways- there is just an infinite amount of possibilities
to add a little contrast.
Scared of going too bold? Don’t be.
The best part of adding color, it is that a little bit can go a long
way and your choices can rotate and change as your moods
and the seasons come and go.

Luckily, here at Staged, we’ve made a list of the top ten best ways to add 
that pop of color to your home! 

1. Vibrant Art

2. Multi-colored Pillows & Throws

3. Invest in a vivid sofa

4. Or a colorful rug

5. Think bright accessories

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 4.24.41 PM.png

6. Make your room bloom! Incorporate plants!

7. Introduce a single accent color.

8. Add an accent wall.

9. Infuse a statement piece.

10. Don’t forget window treatments.

Tell us your favorite ways to add Pops of Color!

New York Home Owning In New York

We all dream of one day owning our own home.  But, it is difficult to take on that decision of house ownership. How can we own a house? What is the requirements and process to buying a house? 

Today we will explain in a few steps what is required and what areas in New York have the best prices. 

Many of us rent with the idea of saving money but in realty you can be financing a house of your own with the same amount of money you pay your rent. 

The first step to buying a house would be knowing your finances: budget, credit score, mortgage pre-approval, and any line up cash. 


Having a good credit score is key to financing anything from a car to a house, so make sure your credit score is in good standing before starting the home buying process.According to the Consumer Financial Protection bureau, the best mortgage rates go to borrowers with credit scored in the mid to high 700s or above. To find out where you stand in your credit score you can always find free credit score reports online for free. 

The next step is to get the morale pre-approval letter. This letter will determine the estimate of how much you will be able to borrow on a loan and what you can afford when you’re ready to make and offer on your dream house. 

An important tip is to have line-up cash for the purchase of your property. The more cash you can pay up front toward your home , the less you will have to borrow and most of us don’t want to be in debt, do we?

Let’s break down the areas in New York to invest in:

Upper West Side, New York

Upper West Side, New York

According to the brick underground.com, areas of northern Manhattan, central Brooklyn and western Queens are seeing increasing demand as a result of their convenient access to public transportation and low prices relative to some other areas of the city.

 The upper westside and south Harlem has taken value for many buyers due to the growth of renovations in the area.  Riverside Park gives that side of the city a different feel with a beautiful view of New Jersey and the scenery of the Hudson River. Inwood is another part of Manhattan where real estate is growing.  

 We can take it downtown to the the northwest Chelsea area, the area is going to have an influx of supply because of all the new development. Older buildings are also coming on the market, but new development is really what’s driving prices down. 

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills, Queens

If you kick it to Queens, Forest Hills is the center of buildings with tons of amenities and even town homes. 

Rockaway, Queens

Rockaway, Queens




Far Rockaway might be known for its beach but it has become a territory of new cheap apartments, even next to the beach! 




Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the new growing borough with new construction and renovations and a hot place for marketable properties. Bay Ridge is becoming the next Park Slope according to Elizabeth Kee, broker, CORE.  Prospect Park South should be on buyers’ radars now. Transportation is good and proximity to the coveted Prospect Park. 

Buying a property is never is easy for anyone, especially as a first timer. If you want more property for your dollar it would be better to invest outside of NYC but some of us love New York and can’t leave.  Hopefully for those people this blog post will help you find the right area to invest in and help you with the steps to do it!! 



Declutter with style

The biggest issue that New Yorker's live with is the limited storage space in their apartments.  The constant clutter of “stuff” does not help when trying to live an organized life! But guess what...there are different easy ways to hide and store these items.  From book shelves to dressers, to benches and side tables please see below for many other alternative storage ideas!! 

First you need to know where to go.  The key stores to go to are Ikea, Target, Walmart, and the Container Store can be your best friend when you need to organize and store your stuff (and the price doesn’t hurt!) 

Pieces you can use are: 




Organize your dresser or console table like a pro. Dressers are the best storage cabinets for bedrooms. Consoles can hide all those pesky living room wires and items needed for entertainment centers. They come in all colors and sizes for any type and style of rooms. 

You can incorporate my favorite the drawers organizers and dividers when organizing your dresser. Drawer dividers can be incorporated into your custom closet design, or you can buy organizers made of plastic, wood or metal. Many models adjust to fit different drawer sizes. Forget about scrambling through your socks, the dividers and organizers keep you tip toe ready to go.



Wardrobes like many may know aren’t just meant to take you to the world of Narnia but another way of organizing your bedroom. Thed advantage of a wardrobe is that you can hang your clothes rather than fold it (avoiding those wrinkles!!)  In wardrobes you can also add extra storage with a closet hanging organizer and some even come with shelves. 


Under Bed Storage-

Storing items under your bed in bedroom storage containers are another way to organize your apartment. Most of us don’t realize that you can use the space underneath your bed as a storage compartment. Ikea and other stores sell the under-bed storage boxes, you can store your winter clothes for the season while you keep your summer clothes in your closet easy to reach!  



Storage benches are a dual usage piece that can help with storage as well! They offer an alternative to storage compartment that hides your stuff and they also offer additional seating! It can also be used in your bedroom at the end of you bed or as a set up by your window. 




Floating Shelves-


Are books cluttered all over the place and don’t know where to put them? Aside from a nice book bookcase you can install floating wall shelves.  This can free up floor space while also allowing so much extra storage!  




Black Tracy Nightstand  Share

Black Tracy Nightstand


Side Tables/ Nightstands - 

Expect more from your nightstand.  Choose a bedside table that can do more than hold a lamp and your phone. Cabinets and shelves keep books, magazines, and e-tablet within arm’s reach from you bed. 





Side tables also offer additional storage. You can place items on top while also tucking away pieces you do not want on display inside the drawers! 


Happy Organizing!! 

Benefits Of Commercial Staging

Staging has benefited many brokers with quick and successful sales of residential properties. But like residential staging, there is also commercial staging, and it is becoming more and more popular. 



The key to commercial staging is providing the right furnishings and accents to a vacant space to maximize its leasing potential. You want to motivate clients and give the impression of a “ready to go” business happening in the space. 

When leasing any space, the goal is for the space to be marketable to the largest number of people to receive as many offers as possible. 

The effect of staging on a commercial property is that it creates an atmosphere that will give the prospective tenants a visual of their business and a sustainable workplace. It also helps promote the size and flexibility of the space and how the space can be utilized to suit their unique business and employees.

The staging process of commercial staging can include set-up of desks, office chairs, lounges/waiting rooms, conference rooms, dining areas, with office accessories added all around. 

With staging commercial, the main idea is to keep the area light and spacious. The usage of furniture should be in a good ratio and not overcrowd the space and make it feel cluttered.



The office accessories don’t have to be much, minimal books, magazines, plants, and some pops of color with artwork.

If your space allows, take advantage of as much natural light the property has as possible as this is a big asset in allowing for a healthy working environment and is a huge appeal to the buyer. 

We have a large inventory that suits any commercial space, from stylish and modern desks and chairs to art that can be incorporated into the design. As a staging company we understand the needs and perspective of what a potential tenant might want in a commercial space and of course a residential property. 




New York City is known as the city that never sleeps. Millions of tourists come to enjoy the beauty of skyscrapers and other attractions, but they don’t realize how expense it can all be. In addition to its overpopulation, New Yorkers tend to avoid Manhattan for that reason. 

Rent continues to increase, but wages aren’t. After reading through What’s Your New York City Rental Story?, in The New York Times, all the stories mentioned were of residents who have well-paying jobs, but share their apartments with roommates. It makes you think, not even the middle class can afford to live in this city. Finding an affordable place of residence in New York City is just a heartbreaking, grueling, never-ending story.  

When people are looking for an apartment, the main questions are: How much flexibility is required to get more space or seemingly basic perks like an elevator or an in-building laundry room? Is it a matter of changing neighborhoods, raising your budget or just looking harder?

 The average cost of living in New York, according to smartassests.com, is at least 68.8 percent higher than the national average. Living in Manhattan alone is double the national average.

Let’s breakdown the cost of living:



Starting with rent...According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,638 in the New York metro area.


In 2017, the median annual asking rent in Manhattan clocked in at $3,150. In Brooklyn, it was $2,500. Over in Queens, that price wasn’t much lower, the 2017 median annual asking rent was $2,175 per month. 

If anything, that number underrates just how expensive it is to rent in New York, however, because it includes data for the suburbs, which are generally cheaper.

If we look at only the city’s core, housing appears to be even LESS affordable. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $3,895, according to the January 2015 Citi habitat market report.

It seems that most New Yorkers work hard to pay their rent, but that’s not all of the living expenses they endure, they still have bills like utilities.

The average cost in basic utilities in New York ranges from $120- $200 a month. That includes heating, electricity, water and garbage, and it’s about 14% lower than the U.S. average for a month of basic utilities. The average monthly cost of internet in New York is $53.37, compared to a U.S. average of $52.02 according to numbeo.com.

After living expenses comes transportation expenses. But for New Yorkers, it’s either you own a car or you take the ‘best’ transportation system in the country; the MTA.

The biggest issue when owning a car in the city is parking. According to Colliers International, the average parking rate in downtown Manhattan is $533 per month. That is another monthly expense added. Another downside to owning a car in NYC is the price of gas, which is often 5-10 percent higher than the national average. We haven’t even gotten to insurance!

Some residents have given up their car and rely solely on NYC public transportation. A monthly transit pass in New York costs $116.50 per month, about 75 percent greater than the national average.

Food is essential to a human and not to mention, it isn’t cheap either. Well, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research, groceries in New York cost between 28% and 39% more than the national average, depending on where you live. So, if you spend $200 per month on groceries living somewhere else in the country, you’ll spend closer to $260 when living in New York.

Eating out in the Big Apple is even less affordable. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant in New York costs $15, and a meal for two at a moderately expensive restaurant costs $75. You’re better off eating at your local food truck or fast food spot. 

We can conclude that this city is better suited for the rich, but its appeal and energy drives people of all wages and backgrounds to try and make a life here.  


From The Runway To Interior Design, Velvet’s Are In

Velvet was seen as a one of the hottest trends for the New York Fashion Week 2017, and that translated into trends in home interior designs.

As a late 60’s early 70’s style, the luminous and luxurious fabric has come back in 2018 in a TON of different shades, shapes, and, colors.

“The thing that I love about velvet is that I can put a little tiny piece on a pillow or I can cover entire walls with it, and it will always look rich and cozy,” said interior designer Miles Redd. 

But the real question is how do we style with velvet in our homes?



pillows #2.jpg

If you’re not a fan of incorporating a lot of velvet, but still want to use the material, you can always style with a few colorful velvet pillows. Pillows are key to filling in living room or and bedroom. The fabric is a universal material that works with majority of others. The fabric blend of a linen sofa accented with the texture of a velvet pillow is a great balance. 

“I think there needs to be a mixture of fabrics and textures in a room,” Redd says.


Furniture : 

You can take it a step further by using velvet furniture. It might seem like a big commitment when using a velvet on your furniture, but the textile works well no matter what silhouette you’re dealing with.

Ever seen velvet dining chair? Well, we have Grey Mid-Century Accent Chair that we designed in our Soho project. Velvet is very versatile in a dining room, because it can be treated to resist staining and looks good whether you want a more formal traditional wood-leg chair or something funkier with brass or metal legs.

Velvet headboards are another furniture piece that make a statement in the bedroom. According to StoneGable upholstered headboards were among the hottest décor trends in 2017, and this trend still follows through 2018. 

Tips To Hide Your Home's Flaws

We sometimes accidentally make holes and dents in a wall or scratch the floors moving furniture and then struggle trying to hide these “flaws". Here are some tips to hide the imperfections in your home:


 1. Create A Wall Collage: 

A wall collage is a magical way to misdirect or hide those ugly holes and dents on the wall. You can use family picture's and artistic frame to create a stylish collage.

2. Hang Art On A Swing Arm:


Have an electrical box you want to cover? Hanging art is key to avoid repainting or adding plaster to the wall. Try hanging an art piece on a swing arm, or hang it from a standard hanger and nudge it out of the way when you need to get at whatever is behind.

3. Chalk Board Paint: 


Sometimes walls can be seriously damaged or dented and the common solution is painting over with a typical white or beige eggshell paint which actually won’t help much. The glossier the paint, the more it will highlight imperfections. But there is a new solution: matte chalkboard paint. The non-glossy texture hides the flaws and why not make your home more fun with the ability to write messages on the wall? It is perfect for kids to draw and write on a wall without the mess of cleaning after or a handy way to leave messages to other members of your house! 

5. Rugs:

large-white-rug-cheap-round-rugs-living-room-rugs-cork-cheap-large-rugs-uk-best-deals-on-area-rugs (1).jpg

Floors can be expensive and tiring to repair and replace. Rugs are a great way to hide those scratches and out dated flooring. Although not the most cost-efficient, carpet tiles are a more flexible solution over area rugs. You can buy as many as you want and have the ability to cover every inch of the unwanted floors without causing damage to your home flooring.

Top 3 Legendary Interior Designers

Just like there are famous legendary fashion designer's like Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton there are also legendary interior designers. These are the top 3 icons in interior design of the 20th century:

Elsie de Wolfe

Interior of Elsie De Wolfe' music pavilion looking out on to the pool , The Villa Trianon

Interior of Elsie De Wolfe' music pavilion looking out on to the pool , The Villa Trianon

“America’s first decorator”, De Wolfe, a born New Yorker was known for her fresh victorian decorative style. During her youth, she was educated in Scotland and was presented at court to Queen Victoria. Soon after she moved to the U.S. to become a professional actress. Throughout her early life her onstage style and wardrobe couture that she brought to the U.S from Paris caught people’s eyes more than her acting roles. Her first interior design project was restyling on a house in Irving Place where she resided. She designed the house with bases of victorian decor, decluttering, simplifying, and, using warm coloring. That led to a commission to decorate the Colony Club, the city’s first elite social club. De Wolfe popularized herself becoming known as the best decorator of her time, promoting herself with business cards emblazoned with her signature wolf and nosegay motif.


Jean_Michel Frank 

Interiors Nelson Rockefeller And Jean Michel Frank

Interiors Nelson Rockefeller And Jean Michel Frank

 Paris is known for being the city of lights and glamour, there is no doubt in finding inspiration especially in the 1930’s. Jean Michel Frank has been highly praised as the decorator and designer of the era. Frank worked with high end names such as, Man Ray, the Rockefellers and many Parisian artists. His style was known to be exquisite with design art of Picassos and Braques and a undefined minimalist style. He expressed his style through the retrained shapes of furniture he designed which he dressed in lavish materials: ornate mica screens, bronze doors, lamps made of quartz, as well as the shagreen-covered vanity and cubic sheepskin club chair he created for Hermès. He was actually one of the influences and inspiration for Hermès. He loved the color white which he made into his designs based on spare and rich perspective. His magnificat work is still celebrated in many museums today.

Albert Hadley 

Hadley's New York Apartment Interior Design 

Hadley's New York Apartment Interior Design 

“Marrying glamour and functionality can be a difficult task for any designer” quoted by Vogue exemplifying Albert Hadley. A man who worked with the social elites like Rockefeller, Astor, Getty, and Mellon was known as the “the dean of American decorators.” The Tennessee-born designer became known for his modern style, which incorporated balance and what would go well together with the idea of “never less, never more”. Hadley always believed that, “it’s what you can achieve for the simplest person. Glamour is part of it, but glamour is not the essence. Design is about discipline and reality, not about fantasy beyond reality.”


The speciality within interior design is you can create your own design or base it on a style. The girls at Staged picked our three favorite interior styles….



We will start off with the Scandinavian style.   Designed with minimalist decor and functional furnishings with a lot of whites, hints of black, wood tones and then a few pops of color to keep things looking “happy" and a adding a touch of eccentricity.  The natural materials, pale colors, and minimalist shape the open interiors to uplift the natural lighting of the sun. 

Fun Fact: According to the Washington post, the modern style originated in the Nordic region ( Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) in the 1950’s.



Many of us like to live in the present and look towards the future, so why not give that feel in  your home with a contemporary design. The style reflects “living in the moment”. 

Contemporary style is set up on ranges of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century.  It incorporates furniture pieces that are simple, uncluttered, without curves or decoration. Decoration are solid colors and dark printed art is used. Plants and flowers are a good add-on to add color to the design. 



Blast from the past; Seventies style. The Staged team enjoys the groovy, earthy, and peaceful vibe that the seventies expressed. Whether they were a flower girl or a hippie spreading peace and love through music and art, these colors bursted through the interior of homes . As Tom Wolfe categorized as “the me decade” describing the time period when humanity was losing hope during the Vietnam war and  only turned on the survival and protection of their families. 

The seventies interior design use a mix with nature-inspired furniture with bright technicolor splashes as patterns and fur shag, felt, and faux  textures on rugs, throw-on blanket, and pillows make up the seventies style.  It’s a more fun and playful style, embracing the funky and the groovy.

Real Estate profits fall , Rent Prices Rises


New York is known to be the most expensive city in the world. Over the past few years, residential prices have increased 33 percent on average from December 2009 through June 2017, according to a Streeteasy report.

As rents increase twice as fast, wages remain stagnant. Many New Yorkers either don’t make enough annual income to obtain an apartment, or don’t have the sufficient credit. Many are forced to double their checks to make up for the monthly rent, making it difficult to save for other necessities, such as healthcare, education, or even a down payment toward a home.

Due to this, many real estates agents aren’t making sales or residential profits, resulting in a downfall in the stock market as well.


“New York City residents who are earning the least amount of money are experiencing the greatest competition for housing and the steepest rent increases,” said StreetEasy Senior Economist Grant Long.

But how are rent prices determined?

The New York Rent guidelines state that the market rate, apartment rental rates, and lease terms are negotiated between the owner and tenant. The NYCGB determines rent increases for lease renewals of rent-stabilized apartments, lofts, hotels, and single-room occupancies.  

Another factor that affects increases is the location of the property, whether it is close to a train station, shopping areas, or even its proximity to Manhattan.

The increase on market rate units are entirely left to the discretion of landlords, as they weigh potential profits against the possibility of losing reliable tenants and the cost of vacancy. As for determining what the market rate is, small landlords say they do various things, from looking through nearby listings, to asking neighbors and visiting open houses.

According to a New York Times article, “The Rent Stabilization Association, a landlord advocacy group, says that 70 percent of its 25,000 members are small-property owners, who have one or two buildings with no more than 48 apartments in each.” 

Many New York apartments are placed under controlled and stabilized rent. Controlled apartments are generally a prized possession in the city. Rent-controlled apartments have only applied to people who live in a building built before 1947, and have been living there since 1971. These apartments are mostly occupied by the elderly or their lawful successors. There is a very small percentage of these apartments on the market.  So, for those of us who are hoping to land a rent-controlled apartment, chances are we’re out of luck.

The advantage of having a rent-stabilized apartment is the limitation a landlord has on the rent increase each year, and the guaranteed right to renew the lease.

Although the program helps to maintain a stable rent for those units, it still doesn’t help the increase in rents across the city.

According to an article of Curbed New York, “Mayor Bill de Blasio’s initiative to create and preserve 200,000 affordable units by 2024 as well as the tax incentives given to developers of pricey rental projects who set aside some units as affordable housing.”

Even with that set plan, it still isn’t enough.

Simple Decorations For A Living Room Space


Many of you may not be certified interior designers, but would like to give a room in your home a bit more life. Well, I am here to give you a few simple decorations that can liven up that plain room.

Books and magazines:

Many of us have piles of books and magazines, and good news is they don’t have to go to waste. Here are some simple ways you can use them to decorate your rooms:



· A library of your favorite books, or a couple of magazines on a coffee table or night stand are a key to décor while keeping your periodicals organized.

·  Installing floating shelves is another way to organize your books and add some flare to a room.


·  Bookends can be placed alongside shelves to hold books. According to a New York Times article, Brooklyn-based interior designer Billy Cotton says, “You have to look at bookend as you would a small object or sculpture.” Don’t have a Michelangelo sculpture handy? No problem! Bookends will do the job! Isn’t that interesting? 

Art work, Mirrors and Frames:

Remember that old art you have stored away? Did you find a piece of art at a thrift shop or garage sale, but don’t know where to put it? It’s time to make use of them! But how….?



·   In the living room, art is typically placed above a sofa, filling in a main wall space. Whether it’s a vintage piece, or an eccentric painting, art gives a personal touch to your room.


·   Framing old family pictures is another creative opportunity to add some dimension and style to your place.  Not only is it a great way to show those baby pictures, or those memories from your favorite vacation, it also can pull a whole room together! 

· They say mirrors are a reflection of the soul. Well, they are also a decorative piece, like our Tork wall mirror.

· Here’s a little known life hack: Placing a mirror opposite of a window will allow the light to bounce around the room, making the space feel brighter. The bigger the mirror, the better.

Artificial Plants:

Having plants indoors can be a hassle to maintain, but there is another way to add a touch of green into a room without the work: artificial plants. Any sort of greenery makes even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter.


·  A nice 6-foot ficus artificial tree in the corner of a room is a simple way to fill in the edges.

· A little aloe plant, or even a vase with artificial flowers as a centerpiece for a table, is another simple way to decorate. 


Why should you stage ? What are the benefits?

Ocean Hill, New York

Ocean Hill, New York

Real estate professionals make their living off selling homes quick. Staging is one of many ways real estate agents use to make that first great impression with clients. Others, however, feel that staging is just another worthless additional cost.  Studies show that staging has its share of benefits, including a quicker and simpler sales rate.

Here are some of the benefits: 

Provides a simple, move-in ready home

Buyers are typically on the lookout for a move-in ready home that won’t require many renovations. According to a Maritz Research staging poll, 63 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for move-in ready homes. Home staging also gives sellers the opportunity to learn to prepare their homes for a sale so that buyers can move-in immediately.

Your home will speak to buyers

Clifton Hill, Brooklyn, New York
Clifton Hill, Brooklyn, New York

Many real estate agents don’t have experience with interior design or staging. That’s where Staged comes in and helps. When staging a home, you’re essentially creating an interior design so the buyer can imagine what their potential home has to offer. It allows buyers to rearrange the home any way they see fit, leaving a positive and lasting first impression.

Staging also enhances the structure and architecture of a home, bringing out certain details an empty home might miss. Whether the buyer gets a sense for the space of the home, or a reaction from the décor, the ultimate goal is for the buyer to feel an emotional connection to the home, one that they’ll remember when it comes time to make an offer.


A quick and easy way to market


Once the home is staged, the space is now set to market as a desirable and attractive home for buyers. You are now ready to photograph and create a lifestyle home for a buyer, and surpass the competition who might be selling a home at a similar price. According to a U.S New Real Estate article, more than 90 percent of homebuyers start their search online, and photos not only attract home buyers, but also gives them an insight into what their home could potentially look like.

A study by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. found that staged homes sell for more than 6% above the asking price and spend half the time on the market than non-staged homes.

The experience of selling a home can be hard and frustrating when it’s on the market for months. Many factors come into play toward a final sale. Whether you’re new to the selling market or the home is already listed, it’s never too late to stage the home for a proper sale; and Staged is the way to go for a quick and successful final sale.

Simple Tips for the Outdoor Decor


We are getting closer to sunnier warmer days, that means BBQ’s and chill long summer nights spent outside on patios, decks and yards.  We have the 411 on simple ideas to decorate for the summer.  



Tip # 1 Sitting Area





A simple conversation chair set

 set is perfect on a patio , deck or yard to sit and enjoy the summer breeze on those long summer nights.


Our Boat Sofa with blue cushions

 a set fit for outdoor living room comfort and style. Who wouldn’t enjoy summer nights laid out on that sofa? 



Swing around summer with the Day Z Swing Chair, giving your outdoor space a laid back island feel.


Let’s not forget

 a nice coffee table for drinks or maybe to just to lay your feet on.



Tip # 2 Pillows, Blankets and plants 

pillows and blankets .jpg

Pillows , blankets and more pillows!

The use of colorful bright pillows and an outdoor throw blanket, adds style and gives a comfy feel to an otherwise boring outdoor sitting area.



Live in the city?  Add some green to your patio to bring a piece of nature to you. A small potted aloe plant on top of a coffee table is a simple fix. 


More Green

Want even more green? The Nature Ficus Tree is perfect for a larger nature view.


Tip # 3 Rugs 


When it comes to patio decor, a colorful printed rug can instantly transform a space. Place them beneath a seating area or dining table to define the grouping, or layer a variety of outdoor rugs for an eclectic look.


Tip# 4 Lighting



Last but not least, lighting the area! Decorative lanterns, candle lit or electric, are one of the easiest and most attractive ways to add lighting to an outdoor space. Cluster them on the dining table, hang them around the edges of the space, or, place them scattered around the area.

Spring Trends

Staged is here to bring you the new and latest designs to stage any listing all year long. Whether you prefer a clean sleek modern design or, a colorful eclectic look, Staged’s “hands-on” approach will enhance your personal style and accent your home’s best features.

It may not feel like it just yet, but spring is near and that calls for some spring cleaning and brighter colors for your home design.

Today we will be speaking about the latest trends that are taking over homes for Spring 2018. We will start with the accessories and embellishments that round out a rooms design. From woven rugs and abstract art, to printed colorful cushions, this season is about earthy neutrals with pops of spring time colors.



Montclair, NJ Designed by Liz Murphy Designs

Montclair, NJ Designed by Liz Murphy Designs


Changing the embellishments in your home is an easy way to update the overall aesthetic of the space as the seasons change!  An easy spring-y addition to your decor you can add is an yellow throw blanket, or a green woven throw.  Put these on a couch, chair, or bed to make the room feel more cozy while still bringing in some fun color! 

Montclair, NJ Designed by Liz Murphy Designs

Montclair, NJ Designed by Liz Murphy Designs

Blue, Greens, and Pastels Are Back: 


Bright fun blues, deep forest greens, and pale pink blushes are the interior look of this season. There are many ways to add these colors into your space …from a velvet green sofa, to a bright teal bed, to a pop of pink on a blue velvet armchair. Give your space a chic spring look and incorporate these colors into your design! 

Modern Farmhouse look:

This cowhide dining chair is the perfect way to make the farmhouse style more modern and chic for the spring. The decorative warm wood leg detail with gold feet plus the cowhide seat bring out the country chic look in the best way.




Shapely and Curvy Sofas

The 70’s trend of shapely and curvy furniture is back in 2018. It gives off a more unique and modern look to the living room decor. Put a rounded sofa, like our moonshine sofa, in your space this spring to give a sophisticated spin on your living room design.

MOonshine Sofa 

MOonshine Sofa